Design - in my opinion- is all about creating an "atmosphere", and the only rule in design states that 'form follows the function'. Personally I believe that atmosphere is the most important function of all. Not only because it affects our mood, but also because our mood influences the way we behave, and ultimately it affects the way we feel.


      But what defines what atmosphere we need? As we know: what is good for one, can kill others. People are different, just like the style which they prefer. Therefore, because people feel differently about the same concept of space, I was amongst the first in my country to feel the urge to deepen my understanding of the human mind by improving my knowledge of psychology alongside my interior design studies.

         The above combination pushed me to research further what defines our feeling of interior, and found out that people like what they are familiar and comfortable with. And what is the most familiar? The atmosphere which surrounded us in childhood, or which we were dreaming about! Our family or our beloved neighbors house, the countryside where we had our 'salad days', colors which we used to see around us.

         With that said every single project I begin, starts only after having explored and understood my clients' implicit and explicit needs.